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02 June 2014


Book: The Ethiopian Wolf: Hope at the Edge of Extinction


The Ethiopian Wolf: Hope at the Edge of Extinction

This insightful and gorgeously illustrated book is the result of a partnership between Rebecca and Will and the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme. 50% of profits from every book sold will be donated to EWCP. 
By Will Burrard-Lucas and Rebecca R Jackrel, 
Text by Jaymi Heimbuch (Hard cover, 152 pages)

The Ethiopian wolf hangs precariously close to extinction with fewer than 450 individuals left on the planet. However, the little-known species also offers us one of the greatest stories of hope for successful conservation today. The problems faced by the wolves for survival are solvable, if we act. Photographers Will Burrard-Lucas and Rebecca R Jackrel traveled to the highlands of Ethiopia to document the lives of these elegant canids and the work the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme is doing to preserve the species for future generations. Witness the intimate pack lives of the wolves, enjoy the beautiful landscapes they call home, and learn how these wolves are becoming a symbol for what can be accomplished by dedicated individuals set on saving a species from extinction.

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