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21 October 2005


Ethiopian wolves feature on the National Geographic channel

In January 2004 the Kratts Brothers from Canada arrived in Bale to film the Ethiopian wolf episode of "Be the Creature", a documentary about Ethiopian wolves in the Bale Moutains National Park. Staff of the EWCP provided on the ground consulting for the documentary and hosted the film crew in the mountains. Mustefa Dule and Gedlu Tessera, who for the last 5 years have been monitoring wolf packs in the Bale Mountains, acted as EWCP experts for the documentary, which focused on the Web Valley wolf population. They provided all the necessary information on the social structure and territoriality of packs as well as information on social behaviour, feeding strategies, breeding dynamics and updates on the status of the wolf population after the rabies outbreak in 2003 that killed more than 70% of the Web Valley population.

The show aired on the National Geographic channel on June 17, 2005 with excellent footage of foraging behaviour, helping behaviour towards pups, interactions between wolves and domestic dogs, and even interactions between wolves and raptors and wolves and wild cats. The focus on wolves also provided some exciting publicity for the Bale Mountains in all their splendour and with all their magnificent (and highly unique) flora and fauna!

Visit the National Geographic channel to learn more about the Be the Creature series at

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