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23 April 2014


EWCP's parades for World Rabies Day

By Zegeye Kibret
Last September the world joined again to raise awareness on the importance of rabies prevention. Rabies is the oldest and deadliest disease known to mankind, and also the most immediate threat to the survival of Ethiopian wolves. EWCP partnered the Global Alliance for Rabies Control to supported World Rabies Day in Bale for a sixth consecutive time. We gathered in Gamataja School in a village adjacent to the Ethiopian wolf strongholds, where the students prepared poems, a quiz and posters with ingenious mottos and slogans. Some 400 children participated of a short parade shouting 'stop rabies', 'vaccinate your dogs' and 'protect the Ethiopian wolf'. Children are a great vehicle to persuade their families to combat this terrible disease, so that wolves and their livestock are protected. In her speech Dr Tigist Belete from the Goba Animal Agency, sent a clear message: 'help us to help save all of us, especially to save the endangered Ethiopian wolf from a brink of extinction'. On behalf of EWCP I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible, and in particular Gamataja School and the Goba Woreda administration.

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